Meet Shantell

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Hello My Beautiful People! Okay, I created the InpackZone as a space where high-energy, high-intensity rebounding workouts collide with music and a multitude of ways to activate every muscle in the body using a Mini Trampoline.


As a prior service member of the Armed Forces, I know all too well about the impact and wear and tear that the body endures with traditional, pavement-pounding workouts.


That’s why I wanted to share a workout option for all of us, that won’t make us regret coming back more.


No matter if you’re 20 or 77 years old and everything in between here’s an experience like no other, that gets your body moving, detoxes your lymphatic system, improves your mood, and helps drop or maintain weight.


No aches and pains after your session because your trampoline alleviates the negative impact on the body than the traditional workouts do. So Let’s Begin, Shall We!